Food Menu

Food Menu

Vinoscenti Vineyards FOOD MENU

Enjoy our wine and food pairings with your loved ones.

We recommend you to reserve your charcuterie board in advance.

From our kitchen:


Variety of cheeses, meats, and dips. Includes bread and crackers.

Served in two sizes: small platter or big platter.


  – Spring Rolls 

  – Sausage Rolls  

  – Samosas: Beef or Veggie 

  – Cod Fish Cake 

  – Puffs: Chicken, Beef or Pepper Steak 

  – Small Quiche

  – Small Pizza


All mains include fries and salad

  – Big Quiche

  – Pies: Pepper Steak, Chicken Curry, Ground Beef Curry, Chicken and Mushroom, Cheese and Onion, or Vegetable


  – Seasonal Fruit with Vanilla Ice Cream

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