Embark on a delightful and enlightening wine journey of approximately 60 minutes from your initial steps to tasting the flavors of the vineyard.

This is a wonderful private guided educational tour only for your guest and /or tour with a more in-depth presentation on how the vineyard affects the grape and wine quality with a comparison of local and other wine making areas. Delve into the artistry of wine-making as we introduce you to the allure of wine barrels and stainless-steel unveiling their pivotal role in crafting the perfect blend.

Learn the refined art of wine tasting, unlocking the secrets to savoring each sip with precision and appreciation. Explore the effects and impact of certain flavors with wine.

Indulge your senses with a curated tasting of 8 wines and pairings, perfectly complemented by a tantalizing sampling plate. And as a finishing touch, you’ll get a chocolate introduction with sweet wine. A free bottle of water, sparkling or still is included.


Price is person and applicable taxes of 5% and a 16% gratuity will be added. Secure your reservation by paying in advance.

Subject to a minimum of 4 people on the tour in total.

You must be 19 years old to purchase alcohol or alcohol related experience (tour or tasting) and wine bottle gift baskets or vouchers on this website. The legal age to purchase alcohol in the province of British Columbia is 19 years of age.