History of Vinoscenti Vineyards

  • The name Vinoscenti is made up of two words. The first vino means wine and scenti is a reduced form of cognoscenti. This word, cognoscenti means someone who knows. So, combining vino and then scenti we have the name Vinoscenti which means someone who knows about wine.
  • Formerly River’s Bend winery, Vinoscenti Vineyards is located on 13 acres of pastoral farmland lying alongside the winding banks of the Serpentine River on the edge of White Rock, BC.
  • The winery began in 1995 when the vines were first planted by the original owners Court and Annette Faessler.
  • It was a daunting challenge as the terrain had to be reshaped to support the vines with new soil added to offer extra drainage potential and depth to offer a unique terroir to this area.
  • Initially, the grapes were sold to other wineries and 5 years later a momentous decision was made to open Rivers Bend Winery in the spring of 2005.
  • After laying down the foundation for the winery Court and Annette sold the winery initially to a business group. Wineries are not commodities but a lifestyle and this group did not last long.
  • The winery was then sold to another family with the good intention of continuing the winery, but this was not to be, as they did not have the soul and heart needed to care for the vineyard. The vines and winery void of any tangible love and care during those past few years fell into a dark period.
  • In 2016 a quiet resuscitation of the winery began with attention drawn to the vineyard management aspect, securing the close collaboration of a highly skilled winemaker and combined with a world-renowned Wine Educator and business person.
  • Vinoscenti Vineyards is now beginning to see the Renaissance and relaunch of the winery.