Meet Our Team

The Vinoscenti Family

Serena Lu BA. MA

CEO & Administrator

Serena has a BA and also an MA from Lyon France. She has over 20 years working experience and has been involved in the wine industry for over 7 years. She holds the following wine qualifications:

  • The Asia Pacific Wine and Spirit APWASI Wine Essentials Level 2 Certified
  • APWASI Wine tasting Room certification
  • APWASI Consumer course certification
  • WSET Level 3
  • Whisky Ambassador

Serena speaks 4 languages and has export experience and working with freight forwarders and presenting and preparing for trade shows.

Serena has extensive knowledge in the exporting of wine.

Laurent Lafuente

Consultant Wine-Maker

The quintessential French winemaker. He brings with him the flair and seriousness to the winery and his wines have defined the terroir superbly. With a vast background in winemaking spanning over two decades Laurent has amassed a reputation for himself as a top consultant in the industry across both in Europe and North America. Having spent time in France and Switzerland, as well as the Pacific North West in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver gaining acclaim for his work with various accolades along the way. Having been with the winery since 2011 Laurent will continue his tradition of quality, class, and finesse with Vinoscenti Vineyards.

Greg Wesley

Vineyard Manager

When you look over the carefully groomed and elegantly pruned vineyards while enjoying the view from the patio, we thank Greg for his consummate passion in looking after these field. He has been the caring and diligent vineyard manager at the winery for over the last 8 years and knows every details of the land.

Liz Maclardy

Wine tasting Room

Liz is one of the most gracious hosts you will find and she loves to show groups around the vineyard and share with you how to taste wine. She has the following wine qualification:

WSET Level 1

Wine Tour Guides

All the wine tasting room staff are tour guides and in addition we have the following great guides.

Ramesh Keshav

Ramesh has extensive knowledge in wine and whiskies and his tours are always exciting and educational. Ramesh speaks Hindi and English. He has the APWASI Wine Essentials Level 1 certification

George Chu

George has over 30 years in the wine industry and when he takes the tours, he shares his extensive experience and his tours are hilariously amusing and guests also find them highly educational.

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