Food Menu

Weekend Charcuterie Board at Vinoscenti Vineyards!

Vinoscenti Vineyards are now offering food! Enjoy our wine and food pairings with your loved ones.

*Note: Food menu is available on Saturday and Sunday.
We recommend you to reserve your charcuterie board in advance.

From our kitchen:

Charcuterie 2 People$31.95
Charcuterie 4 People$59.95
Picnic Gourmet Charcuterie & Cheese Box$39.95
Mixed Green or Seasonal Salad with Italian or Blueberry Creamy Dressing$6.95
Ricotta Grab & Go Parfait: sweet, savory vegetarian or savory meat flavors in 5 1/2 oz. cup$10.95 /each
Tasting room ham and cheese sandwich$10/each