Learn How to Carry Yourself with Confidence, No Matter the Scenario

Manners matter. How you hold yourself, talk to others and engage with your surroundings can make or break an important relationship. When you meet and interact with new people, there are small, largely unspoken factors–like active listening and emotional attractiveness–that influence how much they trust and connect with you. By learning etiquette in both casual and formal settings, you’ll be able to find deeper, more fulfilling relationships.

This title has been released worldwide on October 17, 2023.

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Learn how to cultivate important skills such as:

Introducing Yourself to a Group
Dressing to Visit a Home or Party
Communication Etiquette with Cell Phones and Email
How to Taste, Select, and Pair Wine
Setting the Table for a Formal Dinner
Dress Code for Business Travel Abroad
Interview Etiquette

The best part is that everything builds on itself. By mastering personal etiquette–like learning about the arts, cultural differences and global politics–you’ll notice yourself feeling more comfortable in conversations with strangers. And once you nail down the basics of personal and social communication, knowing what to do in more complicated situations like splitting the check when out to dinner or when having a meeting with colleagues from a different country will feel like a breeze. Stop second guessing yourself, and start operating in the world with the confidence you need to succeed.

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